Galactic Civilizations III Wiki

The Terran 1st Fleet.

A fleet is a grouping of starships that will travel together, fight together and share any stat bonuses from support modules on any ship within the fleet. The size of a fleet is determined by logistics. Each hull size takes up a certain number of logistics, with smaller hulls taking less. A faction has an intrinsic logistic capacity, which can be increased through research.

Fleet information panel.

To create a fleet the player needs to move a ship to the same hex as another ship or fleet. If the stack is less than the player's logistic cap the ships with automatically create a fleet. A ship can be removed from a fleet by selecting the fleet on the map, then selecting the ship in the tile information panel on the bottom left and clicking the "Eject" button.

A stack with a fleet and several individual ships.

If you don't have the logistic capacity the ships will be stacked on that tile. Stacked ships won't travel together or fight together. If you have stacked fleets or ships a "Manage" button will appear on the tile information panel. Clicking this will bring up the management window, which will allow you to disband any stacked fleets and create fleets from any stacked ships or add a ship to a fleet if logistics allow.

A fleet may never exceed the logistics cap. For example, if you have a cap of 10 and currently are using 8 and want to add a ship that uses 3 logistics you cannot add it to that fleet.


  • There is an exception to the fleet logistics in the campaign where preset fleets may exceed the logistic cap. However, you can't add to these fleets and if they drop below the cap you cannot exceed it again.