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A Hypergate is a buidable space object.


In Retribution.png, a Hypergate enables faster galactic travel by forming a hyperlane to another hypergate. Ships that enter a hypergate travel along the hyperlane at twice the normal speed. A hypergate is constructed by a Unrecognized icon nameScout Icon.png Stellar Architect.

Multiple Connections[]

It is possible for a hypergate to be connected to more than one hypergate, however note that hypergate can use its connection to connect to only one other hypergate, but any number of other hypergates can connect to a given hypergate.

In this manner, it is possible to create structures such as chains, triangles or spoke and hub arrangements. As examples:

  • Chain: A-> B, B->C, C->D etc.
  • Triangle: A-> B, B-> C, C->A
  • Hub and Spoke: A-> B, C->A, D->A, E->A

Hyperlane Visibility[]

Hyperlanes are visible even in space where you do not currently have Sensor Range. However the hypergate itself will not be visible unless a planet, Starbases, or Starships are in sensor range.

Making hyperlanes faster[]

There are three ways to make hyperlanes faster. Each reduces travel time by 1/6 of normal, so travel becomes instantaneous with all three bonuses.

Hyperlane Obstructions[]

Hyperlanes may be obstructed by Black Holes, Nebulae or have significantly reduced movement speed. Avoid routing a hypelink through these areas of space.

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