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The logistic information for a fleet is showed on the top right above the ship icons

Logistics determines the number of starships a fleet can accommodate.

Players start with a base logistics cap of 10, though this can be increased by the Organized racial trait. Each starship takes up a certain number of logistic points based on their hull type, with the larger the hull the more logistics they require. Carrier fighters do not contribute to the logistic cost of a fleet.

Logistics can be further increased through Research.

The Hyperion Logistics System improvement will increase the logistic capacity of fleets by 1. It will also decrease the logistic cost of ships built at shipyards sponsored by the planet with the improvement on by 1. This effect can be increased if the improvement is built on on a tile bonus and/or by adjacency bonuses.

The Universal Displacement Field ship component will half the logistic cost of the ship it is installed on.

Hull logistics

Hull size Logistics
Tiny 2
Small 3
Medium 5
Large 7
Huge 10
Cargo 5


  • In the campaign the starting 1st Fleet exceeds the players starting logistic cap of 24.