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The Mercenaries Expansion is the first expansion for Galactic Civilizations III. The major feature of the expansion is the inclusion of "hero units" in the form of purchasable mercenaries that come in unique ships with unique abilities that not only can boost the effectiveness of your fleet, but your entire empire. The expansion is due to be released on the 18th of February 2016.

The human race is fighting a desperate war against the remorseless Drengin Empire. Both sides have become increasingly desperate, leading them to turn to the galactic underworld and their elite mercenaries.
Mercenaries Expansion Trailer


  • Galactic Bazaar
    • Visit the Galactic Bazaar and choose from dozens of mercenaries for hire and order them to do your bidding.
  • New Ships
    • Tons of new ships and dozens of new ship parts for further customization.
  • New Faction - Torians
    • Play as an aquatic species who seek to escape the slavery of the Drengin Empire.
  • New Campaign
    • Hire mercenaries and lead the Torians to freedom from their Drengin oppressors. Rebuild your shattered empire from the ground up and thrive in the face of adversity.
  • New Faction - Arceans
    • Play as an ancient and honorable civilization of warriors and long-time enemy of the Drengin Empire.