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Mowling RaceLogo.png
AbilitiesDivine Guardian
TraitsFoolish (-1)
Content (+2)
Craven (-2)
Fragile (-2)
Adventuresome (+2)
Likeable (+2)
Productive (+2)
Popular (+2)
HomelandDelta Xiphios
Ship call signsMowlings
LeaderPrimarch Moofles
Default statisticsUnrecognized icon nameGC3 Militant Ability Icon.png War Endurance: 0
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Resistance Icon.png Resistance: 0.6
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Influence Stat Icon.png Influence: 10
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Population Stat Icon.png Population: 5
AI behaviorMilitary: 22
Growth: 14
Tech: 16
Diplomacy: 10
Expansion: 18
Wealth: 12
Influence: 8
Fortification: 20
Logistics: 10

The Mowlings is a Benevolent, Spiritual and Cultural major faction in the Heroes of Star Control: Origins DLC. A race of small, accident-prone, and fervently religious weasel-like creatures. Maybe ferret-like. Vole-like? Their religion centers on the worship of an enormously powerful alien. His name is Jeff.

Although they are Foolish (-1) and Craven (-2) like the Tywom, the Prolific Mowlings are more Popular (+2) and are known as a Likeable (+2), Adventuresome (+2), Productive (+2) and Content (+2) race with Fragile (-2) ships and faith in a Divine Guardian.


The Mowlings are a friendly race of small mammalian creatures, who look not unlike a chipper weasel or ferret. Devoutly religious, their state religion, and indeed their entire civilization centers on the worship of an immensely powerful alien called Jeff.

Jeff is ok.

On their own, the Mowlings are cheerful and astoundingly accident-prone. While this poses obvious workplace safety issues, and places hard limits on their ability in battle, Jeff has been known to help them out here or there. Something to keep in mind if you ever start shooting one.


The Mowlings are productive and talented in diplomacy, and they spread their population prolifically. Their high morale and general likeability drive secondary source of income from tourism. Mowlings ships are far-ranging but lack durability. Slow to research and offering weak resistance against invasions, the Mowlings will rely more on diplomacy for technology and on their god Jeff for protection.

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