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The Revenge of the Snathi DLC is a DLC for Galactic Civilizations III that was released with patch 1.3. The main feature of the DLC is the addition of the Snathi as a major race (this does not overwrite them still appearing as a minor race) and a campaign where you play as the Snathi with the aim to conquer the galaxy in the name of the Dread Lords.

With the new Snathi also comes a new Snathi ship set and parts and tech tree. It also included an additional race ability called 'Scavenger'. This ability gives the race a chance to salvage an enemy ship that was destroyed in battle.


The Snathi have risen from the ashes of their Precursor prison world. They have only one goal: revenge. The Snathi have vowed to put down those who kept them from taking from their rightful place as the heirs of the Dread Lords.

No race is safe from the true face of EVIL... even if it is as cute as a button.


  • The Snathi Revenge: The Snathi are an ancient race of extremely intelligent and bloodthirsty squirrel-like creatures. They were created by the Dread Lords as the ultimate weapon, but were locked away… until now.
  • Revenge of the Snathi Campaign: Lead the Snathi as they break free from their prison world to take their place as the face of evil in the galaxy.
  • New ships: Completely new Snathi ship styles and ship parts.
  • Scavenge Faction Ability: The “Scavenge” ability allows Snathi to salvage the ships of their vanquished foes.