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I.S.S. Watcher, a Steppe class vessel
General information
AffiliationIconian Refuge
Length152 m
Beam199 m
Draft74 m
Design details
Manufacturing Cost128
Maintenance0.75 per turn
Hit points250
Tactical Speed35
Sensor range2
Hull sizeLarge
Mass Capacity100

The Steppe is a large hull core starship design available in the Iconian ship set. It is an all purpose combatant as it doesn't favor any particular weapon technology.

To unlock the Steppe the player needs to research Large Scale Construction, which will unlock large hulls, and all three basic weapons technologies (Beam Weapons (Technology), Missile Weapons (Technology), Kinetic Weapons (Technology)) so that there is at least one non-enhanced type of each weapon available.

Unlike the designs that focus on a particular type of weapon the Overlord does not come in any augment using variants.

Blueprint priorities[edit | edit source]

This is the blueprint priorities as of Version 1.4

Edit Steppe
Required components
Filler components

Other factions' counterparts[edit | edit source]