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Technology is the most crucial element of securing galactic hegemony. Each major race has its own technology tree, with staggered technology ages to help streamline the gameplay and avoid the age-old problem of attacking a tank with a phalanx (so to speak).

Expanded game[]

With the Crusade or Retribution.png expansions, it is easiest to think of there being a single tech tree, with certain technologies requiring or being precluded by specific Abilities and Race Types.

Retribution.png significantly overhauled the tech tree from Crusade. The Retribution.png tech tree has four main branches: Unrecognized icon nameCustom Colonization Tech Icon.png Colonization, Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Research Spending Stat Icon.png Engineering, Warfare, and Governance. A race may call each of those branches by a different name, but any structural differences are due to the race type or an ability.

Base game[]

Technology trees[]

All major factions have their own unique technology tree, the minor factions share a technology tree, and custom factions can use any of the technology trees. Clicking on the faction name will take you to more information about that faction, while clicking on the technology tree description will take you to the technologies of that faction.


Every race has access to the basic necessities of expanding and growing their empire. Everyone has some kind of factory progression, for example, and access to colonization tech for extreme worlds. They differ in many of the details, though, and each race has one or more areas of expertise according to their general personality and proclivities.

Major Factions Icon Technology Tree Description
Altarian Resistance
RaceLogo AltResistance.png
Altarian technology tree reflects their love of beauty and culture.
Drengin Empire
Drengin technology tree is ruthless, brutal, and often downright evil. Just like its inventors.
Iconian Refuge
Iconian technology tree focuses on their ancient lineage and the mysticism they've built up over the millenia.
Iridium Corporation
RaceLogo Iridium.png
Iridium technology tree is, like the rest of Iridium culture, based on the creation of value and profit.
Krynn Syndicate
RaceLogo Krynn.png
Krynn technology tree allows them to explore the Way, which shapes their developing culture along distinct paths.
Terran Alliance
Terran technology tree does it all, with a focus on diplomacy.
Thalan Contingency
Thalan technology tree is weird and wonderful. Living in exile from an apocalyptic future will do that.
Yor Singularity
Yor technology tree is particularly concerned with the extermination of dirty, messy organic life from the galaxy.
Other Factions Icon Technology Tree Description
Minor Factions
Custom Race
Minor races each borrow one of the major races' tech trees.
Custom Factions
RaceLogo default.png
Custom Race technology trees are of the players choosing, as they can choose any of the other races' tech trees.