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Terran Resistance
TraitsMilitant (+1)
Handy (+1)
Courageous (+1)
Organized (+1)
Tough (+1)
HomelandProxima Centauri
Ship call signsT.R.S.
LeaderJenna Casey
Default statisticsUnrecognized icon nameGC3 Militant Ability Icon.png War Endurance: 0
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Resistance Icon.png Resistance: 0.6
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Influence Stat Icon.png Influence: 10
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Population Stat Icon.png Population: 5
AI behaviorMilitary: 22
Growth: 14
Tech: 16
Diplomacy: 10
Expansion: 18
Wealth: 12
Influence: 8
Fortification: 20
Logistics: 10

The Terran Resistance is a Neutral, Opportunistic and Scientific major faction in Crusade. The Terran Resistance are the portion of humanity that wasn't trapped on Earth behind the Precursor Shield. Years on the run has made them resourceful but hard, and formed a schism with the rest of humanity which might take some time to heal. As a Militant (+1) faction, its Heroic and Determined members are Handy (+1) and Courageous (+1) with Tough (+1) ships in Organized (+1) fleets.


The Terran Resistance compose the portion of the human race that was left to fend for itself when Earth was locked behind the Precursor Shield. For years they wandered the galaxy, avoiding the Drengin and their allies until they found a safe refuge near the far rim of the galaxy where they were able to rebuild, and even begin dreaming of a return to Earth.

The years of wandering has taught the Resistance a great deal, and they are now experts at ship recycling and defense.


The Terran Resistance are excellent at making do with limited resources and have become masters at ship recycling, making Unrecognized icon nameGC3 S Military Manufacturing Icon.png Ship Construction, Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Ship Maintenance Stat Icon.png Ship Maintenance and Unrecognized icon nameGC3 ShipLogistics Icon.png Logistics more efficient. Their ships are robust, with more Unrecognized icon nameGC3 HitPoints Icon.png Hit Points and Unrecognized icon nameGC3 ShipRange Icon.png Ship Range than average. Trial by fire has made them heroically fearless; any military or cultural threat will be met with fierce Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Resistance Icon.png Resistance, and their ranks are ripe with potential Unrecognized icon nameCitizen Commander.png Commander citizens.

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