Galactic Civilizations III Wiki

The Ancient Wonder tile bonus, which gives +3 to Influence improvements build on the tile and +1 to any adjacent Tourism improvements.

Tile bonuses are special colony tiles that give bonuses to certain improvements if they are built on the tile.

These tiles can be identified by a small colored icon at the bottom of the tile. While the different bonuses have unique icons their color signifies what types of improvements will directly benefit from being built on the tile. A purple icon means it will benefit from Tourism improvements, a red icon will benefit Military improvements, an orange icon will benefit Manufacturing improvements, a green icon will benefit Population improvements, a blue will benefit Research improvements, a cyan will benefit Influence improvements, an aqua will benefit Approval improvements and a yellow will benefit Wealth improvements.

The information of what the tile does is displayed in the top right corner of the colony screen when the tile is selected. The figure next to the green arrow indicates the bonus levels to the improvement built on the tile. The figure next to the orange compass is the adjacency bonus to surrounding tiles.

During the Alpha stage of the game tile bonuses could come from the terrain type of the tile. That has since been removed with all tiles defaulting to "Prairie lands", which gives no bonuses.

Tile bonuses[]

Name Description Tile bonus Adjacency bonus
Ancient Ruins icon.png Ancient Ruins thumb.png Ancient Ruins Ancient ruins draw tourists and add value to nearby research facilities. +3 Tourism improvements +1 Research improvements
Ancient Wonder icon.png Ancient Wonder thumb.png Ancient Wonder The fame of this ancient wonder can spread your influence and attract tourists. +3 Influence improvements +1 Tourism improvements
Cataract icon.png Cataract thumb.png Cataract Massive falls provide almost free energy, for manufacturing or research. +3 Manufacturing improvements +1 Research improvements
Caverns icon.png Caverns thumb.png Caverns Deep natural caverns, perfect for fortification against just about any type of attack. +3 Military improvements +1 Wealth improvements
Flood Plains icon.png Flood Plains thumb.png Flood Plains These nutrient rich flood plains are ideal for building farms. +1 Population improvements +1 Wealth improvements
Geothermal Springs icon.png Geothermal Springs thumb.png Geothermal Springs These springs power manufacturing plants, and heated pools. +2 Manufacturing improvements +1 Tourism improvements
Haven icon.png Haven thumb.png Haven This idyllic region is so beautiful that living here makes people happy. +2 Approval improvements +1 Wealth improvements
Mineral Rich icon.png Mineral Rich thumb.png Mineral Rich The minerals found here are key to advanced research experiments. +2 Research improvements +1 Wealth improvements
Natural Wonder icon.png Natural Wonder thumb.png Natural Wonder Attractions built here will draw tourist from the furthest reaches of the galaxy. +2 Tourism improvements +1 Influence improvements
Paradise icon.png Paradise thumb.png Paradise This slice of paradise is where everyone wants to live, or at least visit once in their life. +3 Approval improvements +1 Influence improvements
Planet Fall icon.png Planet Fall thumb.png Planet Fall The reported location of the original scouts to set foot on this world. +2 Influence improvements +1 Wealth improvements
Precious Metals icon.png Precious Metals thumb.png Precious Metals Veins of precious metals make this an idea spot to make some a profit. +2 Wealth improvements +1 Research improvements
Rare Earth icon.png Rare Earth thumb.png Rare Earth These rare earth metals provide a strong base for our foundries. + 2 Research improvements + 1 Manufacturing improvements
Rare Stones icon.png Rare Stones thumb.png Rare Stones Rare gems found in this location are valuable throughout the galaxy. +3 Wealth improvements +1 Influence improvements
Wasteland icon.png Wasteland thumb.png Wasteland This desolate area is barely usable and perfect for blowing things up. +2 Military improvements +1 Manufacturing improvements
Wild Grain icon.png Terrain Grassland Thumb.png Wild Grain These fields are so nitrogen rich that anything planted here thrives. +3 Population improvements +1 Approval improvements