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I have organized the ship parts area and am ready to fill in numbers, however, they have all changed since 6.2 opt-in. Is there any way I can get a list of specs so that I can finish these tables? Other than playing a very long game, which would take away from my Wiki time seriously. Are these in the code somewhere that is reasonably easy to access perhaps? I mean ShipComponentDefs is not very userfriendly, but if there is nothing better I suppose that would work.


Yes, I looked at your suggestions that you put on my page and I shouldn't have much trouble slamming it into the charts I have already outlined. Now that I have some experience with the charts its not complicated. It looks like I should be able to recognize stuff fairly quickly which is the point. Certainly your data collection doesn't have to be pretty! It's just that I am not sure I will live long enough to tweeze all the numbers out of the Def files myself.

Please send it along to my talk page whenever you get a chance, that will be the real test.

Of course at some point I bet we will have to do this exercise again, as tweaking these values seems to be a "patch pastime", so may as well get the practice!


Sat PM:

I am making good progress at taking your raw output and putting into tables. Should be able to finish this weekend, although tomorrow is Mother's Day.