Weapons Systems
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General information
Tech AgeAge of Expansion
Unlocks Technology
TechnologyWeapons Specialization
Unlocks Ship Component
Ship PartLaser
Ship PartPrototype Elerium Beam
Ship PartPrototype Antimatter Missile
Ship PartPrototype Durantium Driver
Unlocks Starbase Module
Starbase ModuleAdvanced Starbase Defenses

The Weapons Systems technology is the first tech that unlocks weapons down the branch of Warfare technology. It is available in the Age of Expansion and is unlocked by researching Warfare.

The technology unlocks four ship components: the Laser, the Prototype Elerium Beam, the Prototype Antimatter Missile and the Prototype Durantium Driver. It also unlocks the starbase module Advanced Starbase Defenses.



Allows construction of basic weapons systems.


The best defense is a good offense. Interestingly, so is the best offense. With that in mind, we've developed weapon systems which should prove very well suited to space-based defense. And, as discussed, offense.

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